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During your pet's stay they will be able get plenty of exercise and socialization in our large fully fenced outdoor play area. There are two outdoor play areas. In the event that this wonderful Washington weather prevents our guests from playing outside, there are two indoor play areas as well. Playtime is included at no additional charge.

For those of you who just need to let your pets get it all out of their system, or who need a place to take their pet while they go to work, we offer the ultimate play date in our doggie day care. Dogs can romp and run in our large fully fenced outdoor play area featuring a play yard with two sections maximize the amount of playtime. The play area includes toys, balls, Frisbees, playsets, swimming pool during the summer months and plenty of fun!

Overnight boarding

Standard Suites
• Large private suites
• Radiant floor heat
• Air Conditioning
• Night Light
• Soothing music in every room
• Sleeping cots with bedding
• All Suites are Sheetrocked, textured and painted, NO Chain link fencing
• Well ventilated
• Epoxy flooring

Luxury View Suites
• In addition to the standard suite features, our deluxe suites are extra large and offer exterior windows and optional TV/DVD for your dog's favorite animal movies.

• To insure that all pets are safe from any predators during their stay, weather it is during the day or night, our resort is equipped with audio and video surveillance and off site monitored business security and fire system. Access to where the guest stay, all doors are touch key pad requiring a combination for any access to your pet. This itself should give you comfort that we take your pets care very seriously during their stay with us.

Flea free environment
•At caregiver's discretion, dogs showing any sign of fleas or in desperate need of a bath, will receive such treatment prior to being boarded in order to maintain a clean, healthy, flea free environment. Standard rate will apply.

Required prior to boarding, grooming and daycare.
• One time tour of our resort to make sure you are comfortable with our facility
• Your contact information
• Emergency contact
• Temperament test required by our insurance, one time fee of $5.00
• Your veterinarian’s contact information
• Shots and up to date vaccination record including:


Dog Products for sale:
Our store offers toys, treats and pet supplies from the basics to the glamorous. Take a moment while you are here to browse though our store and treat your pet to something delightful.

Special needs dogs are welcome on an individual basis to determine whether or not they can be accommodated

While your pet is in our care we are happy to offer the following services:

Doggie Limo Services (Pick-up and Delivery in Style)
First 20 Miles $40.00
Each Additional Mile $3.00
Each Additional Pet $20.00

Daycare - Daily Rates (Check out between 4:00pm - 6:00pm)
Doggie Daycare $20.00

Boarding - Nightly Rates (Check out Before 11:00am)
Standard Suite $30.00
Luxury Suites $35.00
Two in Standard Suite $46.00 *
Two in Luxury Suite $53.00 *

Elegant Salon - Bathing
Flea and Tick Treatment $40.00 (Includes bath and brush)
Brushing only $15.00
Bathing only $25.00
Bathing and Blow Dry $30.00
Bathing, Brushing and Blow Dry $35.00
Dematting $20.00 - $25.00

Elegant Salon - Manicure
Nail Trimming $15.00

Elegant Salon - Facial
Eye Cleaning $15.00
Ear Cleaning $15.00
Eye and Ear Cleaning $26.00

Elegant Salon - Professional Dog Styling - **Provided by Certified Groomer**
Sanitart Clip $45.00
Small Pet (Up to 25lbs) $45.00
Medium Pet (26lbs to 60lbs) $55.00
Large Pet (61lbs and larger) $65.00

Special Services
Special Care for Elderly and Disabled $5.00
Administering Medication $2.75
Special Diet $2.75
Resort Food $6.00
All Natural Gravy $2.00
Rated "G" doggie Movies $3.50
After hours pick-ups and drop offs $25.00 Per Hour

* For the comfort of our guests we limit room occupancy to either two small guests or one small and one large boarding in the standard suites. In the luxury suites, either two large (size permitting) or two small guests can board together. We reserve the right to limit capacity according to the size of dog for their safety and ours.
** We encourage our guests to bring in their choice of food during their stay. This will avoid any upset stomach and continue to maintain a balanced meal that their digestion systems are accustomed to. In the event insufficient amount of food is provided and we have to provide resort food, a daily charge of $5.00 will be applied to your bill.
*** To assure that we are available to you, we require that you make prior arrangements for after hour pick up.




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