Questions You May Have

Q: What are the requirements prior to boarding and daycare?

A: ALL DOGS MUST REMAIN ON LEASH WHILE UNDER OWNERS CARE ON RESORT PROPERTY and must come with leash and collar or you may choose one from our store and we will add it to your bill

We only accept healthy and well mannered and maintained neutered and spayed and flea free pets, who mingle well with other dogs. No aggressive dogs or females in heat will be accepted.

Required prior to boarding.

• Temperament test required by our insurnace. One time fee of $5.00
• Your contact information
• One emergency contact not traveling with you
• Your veterinarian's contact information
• Shots, and up to date vaccination record including:

Q: Do you place any restrictions on breeds?
A: We will not allow pit bulls or any mixes of such or wolf hybrids or Mastiff family, all other breeds will require a temperament test for individual assessment. All dogs must be well socialized able to play nice with others as well as be manageable for adults and children for the safety of other guests as well as caregivers (we are a family run establishment and our children will be working with guests as well).

Q: Will you accept dogs that aren’t spayed or neutered?
A: We will, however, should one of our guests ever become aggressive or show aggressive tendencies; they will lose all play privileges. Females in heat will not be accepted, if they come in heat during their stay, they will be kept separate from other dogs and may not get much playtime.

Q: How early do I need to make holiday reservations?
A:Over the holidays we do fill up, so please do this as soon as possible. A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to hold a holiday reservation.

Q: If I have more than one dog, can they share a suite?
A: Depending on size of the pet. If the two dogs can get along with one another and will share the same kind of food, then they can share a suite. If there is a conflict between guests sharing a suite, they will be separated. Additional daily rates will apply.

Q: Should I bring my pet's food?
A: Yes, if at all possible. By keeping your pet on their own diet, it will help avoid upset stomach and soft stools caused by a rapid diet change. Please provide plenty of food for your pet's stay as well as a few additional day worth, just in case. Please label your pet's food with their name and yours on the
container(s) with feeding instructions enclosed or attached to the container. If you are unable to bring your own food, we will provide food at an additional fee. Please bear in mind that this may upset his/her stomach and cause soft stools due to a drastic change in diet. Please bring only required amount of food with an exception of one or two days extra. Due to limited storage space, any extra food or belongings will be sent with you.

Q: Can I bring my dog’s belongings?
A: You may bring up to two toys, bed and blanket and dishes will be provided in order to prevent items getting misplaced and disappearing as well as to aid in flea control. These items must be labeled with your dog's name. We will not accept bedding, blankets or dishes. No exceptions.

Q: Does my pet have to be a certain age to board?
A: Puppies must be at least 13 weeks old and have had at least 2 sets of shots.

Q: Do you administer my dog's medications?
A: Yes. We can give oral medications only. If injections are needed, we will take them to a nearby veterinary clinic for required treatment, and you will be billed for the appointment and medications at the end of your dog's stay. Additional mileage rates may apply

Q: If my pet won’t eat, then what?
A: Your pet will not be allowed to go hungry. We will keep an eye on your pet’s intake and stool to ensure that their health needs are being met. We also have delicious foods and gravies that will tempt the palate of even the pickiest eater.

Q: What if I’m unable to make it for pickup till after hours?
A: Just give us a buzz if you are running a little late and we will wait a few minutes until you arrive. However, to maintain a peaceful environment for our guests, as well as allowing caregivers needed breaks which result in first class care for our visitors, we will uphold strict business hours. Anything late will result in a late fee.

Q: What if my dog won’t go potty?
A: Not to worry. Our canine guests are given plenty of time in our outdoor playground where they have ample opportunity to do their do their business.

Q: Will my dog get attention?
A: Room service is provided between each individual pet and we will lavish plenty of love and attention on your loved one so that you can rest easy knowing that your pet's needs will be met.

Q: How much playtime will my pet get?
A: Our facility was custom designed with your pet’s safety and well being in mind, the suites are private. Interaction opportunities will be provided between the hours of 11:00am - 4:00pm in small groups in playrooms and exercise yard while being highly supervised. If a dog misbehaves or acts aggressively toward another guest or caregiver, they will lose play privileges, and will only receive potty runs.

Q: What if I have an older, fragile or disabled dog? Can I board them?
A: That would need to be assessed on a case by case basis. If we feel that we can accommodate your pet, then we will provide as much individual attention and separate playtimes as possible for those older or more fragile guests who have “lost their get up and go” and risk injury from younger, more active and energetic dogs. This may be partially based on the occupancy of our facility at the time.

Q: What if my dog gets sick while in your care?
A: We hope that no pet gets sick, but if it does, we will seek veterinary treatment at the local veterinary clinic and the cost will be added to your final bill.

Q: How safe and secure is my pet at night?
A: Our facility is located on our six wooded acres close to our house where guests can rest comfortably on their cot complete with a soft, cozy blanket while we let soft music play throughout the night. We will be closely monitoring guests at all times, as well as our resort security system, to keep the unwanted out and maintain safety.


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